In 2011, Splendent Films was officially started. Before that, I (Denis) was slowly getting into video production in high school and have since gained a ton of experience in the wedding and commercial videography industries. In college, I majored in Computer Science and also Film but after a few semesters of trying to do both, I felt a much stronger passion for filmmaking than computer engineering. I went back and forth, trying to figure out which career path to take. I've spent way too much time making a decision. Then, after seeing how well filmmaking was going for me, I finally decided to drop computer science completely and fully invest my time into growing the company.

In 2016, I received an Associates Degree in Film and certificates in Film Production and Film Studies. But I haven't stopped learning. Every day I'm continually learning, evolving and adapting to stay up to date on the best ways of running a videography business while creating high quality wedding and commercial films. It's not easy but with persistence, dedication and the right plan, I'm confident that it can be done.

I'm passionate about cinema and the process of telling a story. I love the creative freedom and challenges along the way to make a great film.

Wedding films allow me to create beautiful memories that can be relived any time just by pressing play. Since filming my first wedding in 2009, I learned that it takes a talented, meticulous and passionate cinematography team to make a professional and unique film by pushing themselves to the next level and never stopping to evolve. My goal is to keep learning, growing and making amazing work.

Although filming weddings is what I do most, I don't want to limit myself so I've decided to provide my services in other markets that require creative, high quality films. I have filmed other live events such as birthdays, nightclub events, concerts, company grand openings and vendor fairs.

I want to thank you for considering Splendent Films to tell your wedding story or help create a unique film for your company. If you have any questions about what we can do for you, please contact me and lets get the ball rolling on your next project.

- Denis Shevchenko
Owner + Cinematographer