Cielo Estate Winery Wedding – Kevin & Melinda

Wedding of Kevin and Melinda at Cielo Estate Winery, Shingle Springs, CA on September 9, 2017.

As soon as we pulled up to Cielo Estate Winery, I knew the wedding would look great to film and that we could make a really nice film for Kevin and Melinda. It was a pretty relaxed wedding and basically everything was smooth the day of. Not everything was exactly the way we wanted but that’s okay because we made a great highlight film for the couple to enjoy and share. I have to remember that wedding cinematography is not like a Hollywood production where everything is scripted and in total control. I’m filming a live event where the day unfolds naturally and there could be unexpected things come up where I as a filmmaker can’t and shouldn’t control. For example, we wanted Melinda to read the letter from Kevin out loud but she didn’t want to because it was emotional for her. That didn’t ruin the film because the story of the wedding day can still be told without that audio. I don’t mind not having all the control and that’s what makes the job of filming a wedding challenging and fun. It’s a one-time event and the stakes are high to make a great film so that’s why wedding professionals get paid, or should be paid, a high rate. Of course a lot of couples don’t value it as much as others. That’s why there’s such as broad range of quality and prices, but enough about that. It’s a topic for another discussion.

Overall, we enjoyed capturing all the aspects of the wedding day and love that Kevin and Melinda added some personal touches to their day, like the cat-themed decor and vows that weren’t copied from a generic example template online. (Yes, some couples do that and the wedding videographers notice it because we film many weddings and see a lot of wedding films from our peers. It’s funny to us but I don’t think anyone else notices it.) My favorite part to film of any wedding is usually the reception. The reason is because it’s after the ceremony, which I would say is the part that is most stressful for me and probably most important for the bride and groom. It’s stressful because that’s when I have to make sure that I capture everything as best as possible by coordinating the placement and movement of all the cameras. It helps to have a second shooter which I almost always do for the ceremony and reception. During the reception, the atmosphere is more relaxed and we usually use less equipment. Also, after filming for more than half of the day we finally get to enjoy a decent meal. I think most videographers and photographers would agree that it’s one of the best parts of the day for us. We love to film dancing because it’s fun to capture but not all weddings that we film have dancing because some cultures just don’t dance. I think they’re missing out on the fun.

Thanks for checking out the highlight film of Kevin and Melinda’s wedding day. If you liked it, chances are that you’ll like some of my other films.

Cinematography: Splendent Films
Photography: Mariea Rummel Photography
Venue: Cielo Estate Winery